Martin Blust

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When Jacob Blust left the Black Forest and his home country Germany in 1927 with his wife Barbara to build up a new existence as a building contractor in Argentina he did not suspect that his son Santiago will surprise the strings business with innovation and that his grandson Martin will lead the company already in his early years.

The story of the good guitar strings by Martin Blust starts in 1952 when Santiago Blust, the founder of this old, experienced string factory, developed his first winding machine in Buenos Aires. Today the company produces long since on fully automatic machines.

The fifties were the most creative years in the strings industry and every company tried to go the best way for itself alone. Outstanding performances were known very often only in the region of the companies, so that the qualities were not known worldwide like today.

Argentina has its deep roots in guitar music since the Spaniards brought the guitar into the country.
You can feel the love of music also in the finish of the strings and this began logically with the development of classical guitar strings.
An interesting parallel development arose with the modern production of the Argentinean nylon which is in connection with strings called the best of the world.

In further program development electric, acoustic as well as electric bass strings has been produced. Here Martin Blust uses the best finished materials from the USA, made of finest Swedish steel.
There are a lot of string producers in the world, no question, but there are only few companies where history, involvement, development and quality are united in such convincing products.

It is obvious that Martin Blust produces strings for Latin American guitars as well as for folk instruments because as a South American strings producer it is a must for the large homeland and its long guitar history to serve also the versatile guitars.
The logical step to the folk instruments worldwide is the respect to other instrument cultures and the concern to offer a complete program as a strings specialist.

The engagement of the family Blust in all the decades has led to a large and versatile strings program and will enrich the string instrumentalists also in future with innovation.

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